Vanilla Spiced Donuts! ?

Vanilla Spiced Donuts! ?

Chocolate or Rainbow Sprinkles? ?⁠ ⁠

We’ve got the most fun recipe for your July/August Vacation sweet tooth! Try the recipe for these delicious Vanilla Spiced Donuts below and now on our Blog! ✨⁠ ⁠ Don’t forget to save this recipe for later! ??⁠ ⁠

Vanilla Spiced Donuts?⁠ ⁠

1 cup whole milk, luke warm⁠

2.5 tsp instant yeast ⁠

2 eggs, lightly beaten⁠

1/2 cup melted butter ⁠

3 tbsp granulated sugar⁠

1 tbsp brown sugar⁠

2 tsp ground nutmeg⁠

1 tsp ground cinnamon⁠

½ tsp ground ginger⁠

2 tsp vanilla extract⁠

1.5 tsp salt ⁠

4 cups all purpose flour ⁠

Simply Natural coconut oil for frying⁠ ⁠


3 cups powdered sugar⁠

1 tsp vanilla extract⁠

¼ cup milk⁠

½ tsp salt⁠

Gel food colouring (optional)⁠

Sprinkles (optional)⁠ ⁠


– In the bowl of a standing mixer add flour, sugars, extract, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, eggs, butter and yeast. Knead dough on medium speed for about 5 mins or until a smooth dough forms.⁠

– Transfer kneaded dough into a greased bowl, cover and allow to proof for 1 hour or until doubled in size.⁠

– After dough has proofed turn out onto a lightly floured surface and roll out dough into a thickness of ½ an inch. — Use donut cutter to cut out as many donuts as you can. You can knead the dough remains, allow to rest for 10 mins then repeat the process. ⁠

– Place donuts on a lightly floured surface and cover with a damp cloth and allow to proof for 30 mins.⁠

– In a large pot on medium heat add 2 quarts of oil. Add a couple donuts at a time and allow to fry on each side for 1-2 mins or until golden brown. Drain donuts on paper towel and let cool completely before icing.⁠

– To make icing combine all ingredients into a bowl and whisk until smooth, add your desired colour. Dip each donut to icing, add sprinkles then place on a cooling rack to drip excess icing. Allow icing to hardened for 20 mins before eating.⁠