Our Story

Our Story is tied to the Soil of the Caribbean.

CGA Limited is proud to be the only indigenous manufacturer of soaps, edible oils, margarines and shortenings for over 80 years. Our story is tied to the soil of the Caribbean. Just like the coconut tree, a symbol representing leisure and shade for some and a core for us. We are a private company located in Trinidad manufacturing soaps, edible oils and fats. Everything we do is done in the region using Caribbean materials, knowledge and experience. We provide both direct and indirect employment across the region.

From the coconut tree comes copra, the dried kernels of the coconut which contains over 65% oil. We’ve been pressing oil from copra since 1937. That was the year estate owners from across the islands, from varying backgrounds, came together to form an association. A year later they commissioned a central mill in Laventille where all copra could be brought and processed. While we might no longer be an association, our location has never changed.

Over the years we’ve expanded from solely manufacturing highly digestible coconut oil, into making margarines, shortenings, soaps as well as many other products. Large multinational firms, small private ones, and major food chains contract us too. If you live in the Caribbean, especially Trinidad and Tobago, you’d be surprised to find out just how many products you use or eat everyday that contain ingredients manufactured by us.

We may have started off small but we have grown to be a national brand found in stores across the island from Toco to Icacos. We have found our way across the region and are continuing to grow further abroad too. So you see our story is very much a local Caribbean one. And as much as we love the shade of the coconut tree we’ve learned to use it for so much more than that.