Cedros Bay partners with Loveuntil Foundation on Girls Mentorship Programme

CGA is committed to assisting businesses and causes that will support and develop the immediate community of Laventille. As such, under the sponsor brand Cedros Bay, we have embarked on a partnership with Loveuntil Foundation, an NGO based in the community of Laventille whose mission and values align with CGA’s desire to contribute to the progress of its community. 5% of Cedros Bay’s profits will be dedicated to ensuring the success of this initiative.

CGA Limited and Loveuntil Foundation together aim to offer a programme entitled the Cedros Bay Mentorship Initiative that provides a solid foundation for mental and emotional growth for the young girls of the immediate and neighboring communities of Laventille in the hopes of helping them achieve a promising future.

The objectives of this community outreach programme include mentoring and assisting in the personal development of these young women as they mature into the outstanding individuals that they have the potential to be. Specific focus will be directed towards the following areas:

● Improving communication and creative skills
● Setting boundaries
● Stress management
● Boosting self-esteem
● Exploring inner beauty
● Improving confidence
● Developing a mindset of optimism and positive outcomes

The programme officially kicked off in September 2022 and we have already completed some fun and informative activities with the selected candidates for quarter 4 of 2022.

We look forward to partnering with the Loveuntil Foundation in this newly proposed venture as we explore ways to mentor and facilitate the personal development of the young women in our communities. We hope that our collective efforts can produce a favorable outcome that can improve the minds of these future adults.

Christmas Workshop

December 2022 – Members of the Cedros Bay Girls Mentorship programme show off
their creations from the Christmas craft workshop.

Field Trip

April 2023 – The full Loveuntil x Cedros Bay group enjoying a field trip to the La
Vigie Lookout in Paramin.

Spa Day

August 2023 – The girls pose with their goodie bags after a very enjoyable Spa Day
planned and coordinated with the assistance of The Sisterhood Spot NGO.