Caribbean Grown…Regionally Known

All our products can already be found in stores throughout the Caribbean, from Grenada to Jamaica and Barbados. But what really excites us is the new range of beauty and skin-care products, currently in development which we are pitching to the Global markets. We will start introducing them to our existing customer base and then look further afield.

Our Export Markets

Antigua Mega Distributors Limited D’or, Duet, Every, Calypso Carbolic, Comed, Brite Laundry soap, Simply Natural Coconut Oil, Hostess Margarine, Prize Shortening (Bulk)
Barbados Armstrong Agencies Duet, D’or, Comed, Calypso Carbolic, Brite laundry soap, Simply Natural Coconut Oil
Atlantic Mktng Every, Mermaid Laundry soap, Nariel Coconut Oil, Constance Estate Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Hostess Margarine
Triple D. Inv Liquid Shortening (TFS 700)
Knights Divali Oil/ Pure/ Crude Coconut Oil (kegs)
Dominica Greens Wholesale Limited Brite Laundry soap; D’or; Duet; Every; Calypso Carbolic; Simply Natural Coconut Oil
Starrin & Sons Hostess Margarine, Bulk and wrapped Margarines
Grenada DA Monroe D’or, Simply, Calypso Carbolic ; Brite Laundry; Bakers Margarine, Marigold Bulk and wrapped Margarine, Constance Estate Infused Coconut Oils.
Geo F. Huggins Bulk Margarine(Volumax); Cake Margarine; Bakerite Shortening; Pastry Marg; UHPF; Masterline Red
Kalico Every ; Seprod Carbolic; Mermaid Laundry soap
Independence Agencies Duet; Comed, Purist, Brite Laundry Soap, Hostess Margarine
Guyana Valu4u.Inc Brite, Every, D’or, Duet, Purist and Comed Soaps, Hostess (Refrigerated & non-refrigerated) Margarines, Bulk Margarines: Bakerite, Volumax D, French Maid, Bake all Puff pastry
Royal Castle Guyana Special Frying Oil
Jamaica Grace Kennedy Grace Coconut Oil, Hi Lo Oil Coconut Oil
Restaurant Associates Premium Vegeatable Oil
T.Geddes Grant Distribution Simply Natural Coconut Oil, Constance Estate Infused Coconut Oils
Seprod Limited Miracle Oil; Seprod Carbolic
St. Kitts & Nevis Food Centre Ltd Simply Natural Coconut Oil; Duet; D’or ; Every; Calypso Carbolic; Brite Laundry soap; Comed
St. Lucia Renwick Limited Every; Duet; Simply Natural Coconut Oil, Purist
Ta’s Trading & Distribution Ltd Mags Coconut Oil; D’or, Bakerite shtng; Calypso Carbolic; Brite Laundry,  Hostess Margarine
St. Vincent Massy Stores French Maid Bulk; Cake Margarine ; Ultra Bake Margarine
Premium Products Masterline Red; Calypso Carbolic; D’or; Mermaid Laundry, Hostess Margarine, Liquid Shortening (TFS 700), Prize Shortening, Duet, Purist
CK Greaves Volumax; French Maid ; Cake Margarine
Gloja’s Trading Every, Brite; Simply Natural Coconut Oil, French Maid, Bakerite Shortening, Constance Estate Infused Coconut Oils
Suriname CF International Brite Laundry soap; Every ; D’or; Duet Calypso Carbolic
SAFTRADE Mermaid Laundry Soap
USA Traders West Inc. Simply Natural Coconut Oil, Constance Estate Infused Coconut Oil