Our Company Serving Yours

We produce a line of industrial products that includes pastry margarines, cake margarines and all-purpose shortenings, inclusive of the Masterline range, acquired from Unilever in 2004.
We service many large bakeries across Trinidad and Tobago and manufacture products for industrial customers like PriceSmart, KFC, Kiss Baking Company, Burger King, Royal Castle and others. We also do contract manufacturing for both small and large companies such as Grace Kennedy Ltd., True and Natural Ltd., with some of our past major clients being Unilever, Colgate and Johnson and Johnson’s.

Masterline Bakeall Pastry Margarine 20KG

Masterline Bakeall Cake Margarine 20 KG

Masterline Liquid Shortening 17L

Volumax Margarine 20KG

Bakerite Shortening 22.7KG

Ultra High Pressure Fat 22.7KG

Masterline Red Margarine 20KG

Ultra Bake Margarine 20KG

Marigold All Vegetable Margarine

French Maid Margarine 20Kg

Prize Shortening 22.7Kg

Special Frying Oil 17L

Roti and Doubles Oil 17L