Comed Medicated Soap – Single

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This medicated vegetable based soap bar is designed for general hygiene and anti-bacterial protection. Comed provides excellent cleaning and lathering properties and germicidal protection.

TYPE: Medicated Bar – All Vegetable Soap Base
INGREDIENTS: Vegetable Soap Base, Water, Fragrance, Triclocarban (TCC),
Disodium Laureth Sulphosuccinate, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E,
Titanium Dioxide, Approved Colour.

ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Triclocarban (TCC), bacteriostat and antiseptic (Antimicrobial


TECHNICAL DATA: % Moisture: 14.85 %
% Free Alkali: NIL
% Salt: 0.80 %


DESCRIPTION: Colour – Light tan
Odour – Sandalwood
Shape – Oval

USES: For general cleansing, hygiene and disinfection skin care
PERFORMANCE: Contains an effective broad spectrum antimicrobial agent
BENEFITS: – Provides good cleaning and lathering qualities along with

sustained bactericidal action.
– Effective against gram positive bacteria, mould and fungi
– Long Shelf Life
– All vegetable; No animal fats
STORAGE: Store in a cool dry place
SIZE: 36 x 100 (individually wrapped bars)
PALLET STACKING: 210 cases / pallet

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 mm


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