Oils & Margarines

Our most familiar brands of coconut oils include Nariel, Simply Natural and the Constance Estate Infused Coconut Oils. We also do an extensive range of wrapped and tub margarines and shortenings that we distribute all over the Caricom Region, which include French Maid, Marigold, Prize and Hostess. We’ve been told chefs, bakers and fast food franchise owners love our products because they’ve been helping them to make delicious cakes, tasty biscuits and fast food for over 30 years.

Simply Natural Coconut Oil

Made from 100% refined coconut oil, Simply Natural coconut oil has a wide range of uses in food and also in cosmetic application. As all-purpose frying and cooking oils they are excellent for fried bakes, aloo pies, roti, fish, chicken, and potato chips, as well as a great ingredient for ice cream and sweets.

INGREDIENTS: 100 % Refined Coconut Oil

All purpose Frying and Cooking Oil.
Excellent for Fried Bakes, Aloo Pies, Roti, Fish, Chicken, Potato Chips.
Ingredient for ice cream and sweets.

Fried Foods retain less oil than foods fried in Soyabean Oil.
Easily digested.
Contains no cholesterol.
High in medium chain Triglycerides.
Longer shelf life than Soyabean Oil.
Non gummy on walls and kitchen utensils.
Shelf Life of eighteen (18) months.

STORAGE: Store at ambient temperatures away from sunlight.

PACKAGING SIZE: 24x500ml, 12x1lt, 6x2lt, 4x4lt, 1x17lt, 1x204lt.

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