About us

Our Story...

CGA Limited is proud to be the only indigenous manufacturer of soaps, edible oils and fat for over 70 years. Yes, we’ve been around for over 7 decades, and we are planning to be around for a long time to come.

Our investments in technology, our communities and most importantly you, our customer, make us certain of this.

Our products will evolve, our markets will expand and our abilities will increase. Through all of this, we will remain steadfast in our belief – that a dynamic, innovative approach, partnered with a strong and stable history and a dedicated team, puts us at the forefront for the future. Welcome to the new CGA.

– Philippe Agostini, C.E.O


Coconut Growers Association (CGA) was founded by a group of coconut farmers whom were interested in exporting higher value coconut oil than to ship raw copra.


Producing edible oils, margarines and lard products.


CGA ventured into the production of non-edibles such as bath soaps, Carbolyic soaps and laundry soaps.


CGA became profitable and highly automated manufacturing entity and entered into contract manufacturing with international companies such as Johnson and Johnson and Lever Brothers.


CGA won the Exporter of the Year Award due to its high exports throughout the CARICOM region.


One of the largest and most modern producers of Soaps, Oils and Margarines in the Caribbean. Strong focus on its digital platforms via social media and ecommerce.